Our Programs

Elul Program

Each summer the Elul Program brings together 200 young adults from across the Israeli Jewish spectrum for a month-long immersion in Jewish text learning. Participants study the canonical texts that shape our identity as a people through hands-on, interactive, and probing inquiry that welcomes all questions in the pursuit of growth

Mabua Program

In the Mabua Program young adults dedicate four consecutive months to deep exploration of Jewish canonical texts. Through a fall and spring cycle each year the program brings together a diverse mix of tens of Israeli young adults and facilitates learning that expands horizons, imparts knowledge and tools, and enriches identities

Alumni Community

Beit Prat’s alumni community consists of thousands of Israeli young adults from across the religious and political spectrum, connected by a shared appreciation for the values of Jewish learning, life and diversity. Together they are forming a new Israeli mainstream with aspirations to help Israel realize its founding promise